I’ve learned more about Sour Diesel this year that any other strain of all time. There are so many cultivars, each with its own flavor and set of effects. It’s easy to become obsessive about it because it’s amazingly high in terpenes and cannabiniods and the flavor may be my all time favorite. I was lucky enough to get some East Coast Sour Diesel, the famed Chaco cut, from @uncle_jesses_collective I’m also really excited about it because it was cultivated by @jay_plantspeaker_ I’ve had the pleasure of watching him grow organically on IG for years. Seeing those plants develop into massive, bamboo reinforced behemoths is a sight to see, and smoking the finished product is a friggin’ delight. 

The effects are pretty astonishing. It’s part of the beauty of Sour D. The euphoria it activates is easily one of the best that cannabis can give you. I’m writing this with a clear, stimulated mind. The body effect is on par with some of the most intense I’ve experienced, and I’m as calm as can be. I’m looking forward to slipping into the sedative phase of the effects as the parachute slows the landing of this lunar module. It is very intense so some caution should be exercised. A friend took a bong hit of it and it had his heart thumping out of his chest. 

The flavor is excellent. The diesel vapors are very intense, and there are interesting whispers of flavor like, star anise and chocolate. It’s second only to the flavor of the Blockwork cut of ECSD for me. That actually cleared my sinuses. 

I lost the plot. I guess that’s a sign that it’s quality cannabis. well done @jay_plantspeaker_ It floored me.