Gushers Pie 3 courtesy of @uncle_jesses_collective Sometimes you need a head change. It’s universal, but when you have young (or old) kids you need your head changed a whole lot. Thank you Gushers Pie and @uncle_jesses_collective

This is a real contender for the coveted title: Strongest Herb I’ve Smoked in a Minute. I went from a near nervous breakdown to happily floating in space. Gushers Pie 3 wont be in my grinder long. The effects are balanced and will smack you back to life. The mental effects are very uplifting and more than a little disassociating, which can be good  thing after holding your daughter as she goes super-critical. It also has one heck of a strong body effect. Pins, needles, warm, fuzzies, it’s all in there. 

The flavor is also excellent. It has a mildly sweet and tart fruit flavor, a little pine, and gas for days on the exhale. It’s a familiar flavor, but one done extremely well. 

I’m thankful for the enhanced head space. It might have saved a life.