Everyone once in a while you come across a strain of cannabis that really makes you sit up and exclaim “Hallelujah this is why they legalized weed!!”. Today was one of those days. So, sit down and strap in baby birds because mama bird has a big fat nightcrawler for you.

Sunset Fig from Fig Farms is what you’ve been searching for your whole life. When you consider the pedigree of Fig Farms—who by the way won ‘Best Indica Strain’ at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2017 💪💪💪— you start to realize this is just about the best flower in California. And since California’s cannabis is considered the best in the world (sorry BC!), henceforth, therefor-to, quid pro quo, it’s not unreasonable to say this is some of the best cannabis in the world. Period. Double stamped it, no erasies.

I mean Jesus-H-Christ just look at it! It’s frosty as fuck with a bit of a mysterious dark side. As soon as you open the lid, aromas of dank mossy forest floor, fresh picked lemon thyme and dirty sex fill the room. Once you crumble that cola-sized nug and take a poke it’s like inhaling cashmere. So smooth and clean you’ll want to wrap a goddam cub scout kerchief around it. And then there’s liftoff. You’ll reach your cruising altitude after about 10 minutes where you’ll enjoy a 4+ hour of time where everything in the world just seems right. You’ll start to notice things you hadn’t seen before like birds chirping in a tree, or speed limit signs.

You’ll have such a big smile on your face after hitting this that it’ll take plastic surgeons 2 hours to get it off.

You could save a few bucks and get some perfectly good weed from other growers. You could also rent a Toyota Camry on your next trip. But if the person behind the counter offers to upgrade you to a Mercedes for a few bucks, wouldn’t you do it? Join the club. Add a little top shelf bud to your day and see what top shelf weed is all about.