Affogato cultivated by @redwoodremedies This is a solid selection of High Octane OG bred with Gelato.

I’m not always excited about Gelato crosses, but the head honcho at Redwood Remedies has a knack for selecting away from sweet flavors in favor of fuel vapors. Each hit has creamy vapor and the sharp Kush spice.

It smokes smoothly and is as terpy as any top-shelf flower I’ve tried. The effects are potent and long lasting. It has mostly Afghanica effects and will sooth frayed nerves and alleviate pain.

Fortunately, it’s not too heavy, so you have the option to get stuff done. I’m looking forward to trying more of the @redwoodremedies lineup from this summer. These folks put a lot of time and care into their work and it’s clear with every hit.