According to latest polling numbers, the cannabis industry will be valued at $39.4 billion by 2023. And after election 2020, 5 new states have legalized recreational which means 1 out of 3 Americans now have access to legal weed. It’s a good time to look at the best cannabis business social network options for new markets.

For any normal non-cannabis business, social media is important for digital marketing. For cannabis bussesness it’s even moreso as they don’t have access to many of the advertising channels other industries offer.

That’s why a key cannabis business social network marketing tactic is to offer educational and useful content that piques the interest of your targeted audience. Don’t tell your prospects to buy, but show them the best option and they’ll automatically choose to purchase from you because you have their best interests at heart.

When it comes to cannabis, people are quite curious about news or information linked with its medicinal and recreational use. According to Danny Keith, CEO and Founder of Cannabis Club TV, there is a considerable requirement for educational content for new cannabis users on safe product consumption.

Find the right cannabis business social network

Grass City Forums

This is one of the oldest cannabis social media sites that began as a networking platform for cannabis growers. Since then, it has evolved into a forum where users discuss methods to consume marijuana, legalization of weed and the best cannabis dispensaries in any particular area.

You can easily join this 420 magazine forum to participate in the discussions and get important information from the weed enthusiasts about different strains, seeds, growing methods, or any cannabis-related topic under the sky.

As a business, you can easily list your products dispensary, promote them, and spark conversations among cannabis consumers on the forum.


CannaSOS is a large cannabis business social network with more than 400,000 monthly visitors. This platform is famous for providing comprehensive information on thousands of cannabis strains, including their THC content, CBD and other compounds.

This data can then be used to offer educational content to your consumers who want to explore the world of cannabis manufacturing.

Apart from this, you can find recommendations on the best dispensary in your locality or ask for advice from cannabis-growing experts on this platform.

Additionally, you CannaSOS lets you buy and sell using its platform as it utilizes blockchain for complete financial transparency. It even has its own online currency by the name of PerksCoin.


WeedMaps allows cannabis lovers to find the best strain, stores, or dispensaries in their area through a user0friendly website.

It also allows businesses to list their products, add the necessary information, or insert images and videos. So, if you are a cannabis business looking for a platform that allows you to reach out to a vast audience base, you need to sign up for this platform.

Additionally, it lets you easily promote your products through seamless advertising campaigns, including the latest deals or other enticing promotional tactics that allures your customers to your business.


Duby is an online application designed for IoS and Android as a cross between Instagram, Tinder and Twitter. It is a social media platform where marijuana lovers can post videos and images as well as connect with other cannabis enthusiasts without any worries.

Join Duby to view the top posts and videos, or you share yours with other users. These features have made Duby a haven for all the weed lovers and cannabis business owners out there that want to promote this lifestyle.

Find it on the Apple Appstore and Google Play Store.

MJ Link

MJLink is a new cannabis business social network created specifically for professionals in the cannabis business community. These include manufacturers, growers, vendors, distributors, traders and several others linked with the weed industry.

All you need to do is sign up for a profile with MJLink and get access to news feeds, videos, and product listings that allow you to network with other individuals in the industry.

If you can’t advertise your business on Google or Facebook, join MJLink to find and reach out to your target audience.

Bud Hubz

Bud Hubz is the Foursquare of the cannabis world. This platform lets you connect with new buddies, find friendly accommodations, locate a headshop or even find a doctor near you.

Bud Hubz is completely free and quite easy to use and although it is still in the beta development mode, the platform promises great opportunities to cannabis businesses and weed lovers out there.

It also offers a quick one-click way to add your own business to their listings.
Simply sign up to get recommendations on all cannabis-related businesses in your neighborhood. Or pick a city you want to travel to, get in touch with weed lovers living there and book accommodation right from the platform.

They don’t call themselves a ‘social weedia’ company for nothing!


This new cannabis business social network is often called the LinkedIn of the canna-business community. It is a gold mine of data, methods, strategies and news on the industry, businesses in this niche and their products.

This $25 billion industry offers several opportunities to cannabis-related businesses looking for investors or the other way around. LeafWire has proven its importance by helping brands that were struggling due to the stigmas and legal uncertainties.

Not only this, but LeafWire also connects cannabis-minded individuals and jobseekers with high-profile employers. It serves as a networking site to gain access to the latest news and trends in the industry.


MassRoots is the first-ever cannabis-themed social network, built to connect college students who use cannabis and are often looking for dependable dispensaries in their areas.

Today, this network has more than 1 million connected users, making it the perfect place for deploying promotional tactics for cannabis businesses and dispensaries.

It is really easy to sign up and promote your cannabis brand on this site. All you need to do is register and list your business on the site to access customer analytics where you can oversee the performance of your marketing and promotional campaigns.

The most prominent feature of MassRoots is that instead of encouraging user interactions through discussion forums, it asks them to post reviews and rate products. And to make sure that users participate actively, it offers a rewards program that entices them with movie tickets, concerts, and festivals passes.


Weedable is a mobile app that allows you to create an online profile and interact with other cannabis fans. As a business, you can easily make meaningful relationships with customers looking to make personal connections with their favorite brands.

It also offers real-time news in the 420 culture for the weed-loving community.

Since it is a community specially designed for people passionate about cannabis, it offers an easy-to-use display section that showcases various cannabis strains, concentrates, edibles and seeds. Get your products listed here.

Also, you can use this platform to educate the marijuana enthusiasts about your brand and the safe consumption of marijuana.


This is a relatively new social network, but it has gained massive popularity among cannabis enthusiasts in very little time. It features a news feed where you can get information on the latest weed-related businesses, see what other users are posting and even connect with them through discussion groups and forums.

Additionally, WeedLife is consistently improving its features to offer social media marketing capabilities to businesses that want to use this platform to increase brand awareness and sales.

When you sign up for this platform, you get to choose between a personal profile and a business page.

Setting up your profile as a cannabis business allows you to promote your products on a user-friendly interface. You can even list your products or services on the WeedLife directory to increase your visibility to potential buyers.

This platform is also available as a mobile app that consumers download; it lets them find the nearest dispensary in their neighborhood and connect with local cannabis users.

You can even create discussion groups that include your consumers and other cannabis businesses. This is a great way to encourage conversations and help people connect over your products. Every cannabis professional should consider this platform to start its social media marketing journey.

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