Candy Chrome cultivated by @sovereign_707 and bred by @wyeast_farms is a cross of Runtz and The Menthol. It’s very flavorful and although the minty fuel of The Menthol overpowers it, It has a slight fruit sweetness from the Runtz. Candy Chromes’ high potency should come as no surprise either.

Candy Chrome feels notably sedate, so productivity is an impossibly. That’s fine with me. The mental effects are lucid and calming with a very mild euphoria. I can definitely appreciate the strong body effect as well.

Until recently, I had a hard time finding the Runtz in the flavor, but it’s there. Standing in the shadow of a much more powerful mint, fuel and anise flavor from The Menthol. The mint flavor is impressive, but if menthol isn’t your thing, your going the wrong way.

I’m always impressed with how frosty this one gets. It’s easy to see how it’s a Sovereign mainstay.