Some strains have paid their dues, earned their respect and are permanent fixtures on dispensary menus. Baccio Gelato deserves it’s popularity and this sample from @uncle_jesses_collective is a top-notch example of hard-hitting and incredibly tasty chiba. 

People like to gush about the flavors they notice in Gelato 41. I’ve heard everything from hazelnuts to chocolate. For me hazelnuts is definitely a bridge to far just like wine in no way tastes like leather. I digress. The prominent flavors in this sample at least are fuel, sour fruit (not really citrus, but something deeper like apricot), and spice. It also has that creamy quality from its Burmese lineage. Add just a little sweetness to the mix, and you have the ever popular Bacio. 

The effects match the intensity of the flavor and hit you with both mental stimulation and mildly psychedelic effects. It also has a strong body effect that spreads warmth and tingling sensations throughout the body. Again, not easy to see why its popularity is evergreen. 

Thanks goin’ out to @uncle_jesses_collective Thanks again for the sample. It was top-shelf.